18 to 25



Many young adult carers undertake roles without any support. Parental or family pressures and the fact that many carers don’t define themselves as such, are just some of the reasons young adult carers aren’t accessing support. The additional pressures faced by young adult carers can influence the decisions made about future careers or education and often limit aspiration.

New service for you – Young Adult Carer aged 18 – 25 years

From November 2015 we are offering a new service to young adult carers to meet your needs. The Young Adult Carer service offers advice, information, mentoring, support groups, events and volunteering opportunities for young adult carers who are resident in Islington or care for someone who lives in Islington.  Our service is for carers between 18 to 25 years old looking after anyone aged 18 years and over.

We work in partnership with services supporting younger carers (Family Action Islington) or people looking after a disabled child (Centre 404), as well as many other partners who provide support for carers.

Find out more! Get help!

The Carers Hub has developed an enhanced service for young adult carers aged 18-25 which provide tailored support appropriate to your individual needs. The programme includes one-to-one mentoring support for up to a year to help you make decisions about managing your caring role and planning for your future which could incorporate:

  1. Confirmation of the type of tailored support available to you
  2. Exploring the options and support services available so that you have time and help to follow your aspirations and make choices about the future – including caring responsibilities, careers and education

Contact Islington Carers Hub on 020 7281 3319 or 0800 0851141 to find out more or request support or information.